Characteristics of Our Protective Nano Coatings

Preventing the absorption of pollution and flaking of the facade surface

Easy removal of soil (Easy-to-Clean) and surfaces stay clean longer

Resistant to the growth and spread of fungi, algae, moss and bacteria

Water-vapor permeable (breathability)

 Anti stain

Water and oil repellency of the surface

Care and maintence of your surfaces

Environmentally friendly

Anti graffiti

Resistance against acid rain

Long-term UV and weather resistant

Frost resistance


Why Use Hydrophobic Nano Coatings?

• Damage caused by moisture absorption
• Efflorescence and scaling of the surface
• Attacks of fungi, mold and algae
• Color scaling
• Early get dirty of the surface
• Alkali silicate reaction
• Cracks due to swelling and contraction
• Freezing and continuous melting of water in materials
• Carbonization - Acid rain - Sulfation - Chemical corrosion
• Corrosion of metal used in the structure of the building

✓ Air pollution, especially in big cities, and staining the faces of city buildings
✓ The difficulty, and even sometimes the impossibility of washing the facades of buildings 
✓ Erosion, dirty and pale facades of some buildings in cities