Wood Nano Coating Spray for Water Repellent Protection of Wood (Wood Sealer)

EC-311/ Waterproofing and Impregnating Nano Coating for Wood & MDF Protection

NFS-2028 IMP/ High-Performance Water Protection for all Porous Building Materials (Water Based)

FARAZSIL® NFS 290/ Hydrophobic and Water Repellent Impregnation for Porous Materials (Solvent Based)

NFS-104/ Water and Oil-repellent, Stain and Graffiti Protection for Porous Materials

FARAZSIL® SUPER290/ Powerful Protection and Hydrophobic Treatment for Porous to Non porous Materials

EC-211/ Hydrophobic and Easy to Clean Nano-coating for Glass Surfaces

BIOCLEAN-331/ Masonry Cleaner, Efflorescence and Cement Remover

BIOCLEAN-331PLUS/ Industrial Cleaning and Descaling Solution to Eliminate all Kinds of Deposits