FARAZSIL NFS 290 | Hydrophobic and Water Repellent Impregnation for Porous Materials
FARAZSIL NFS 290 | Hydrophobic and Water Repellent Impregnation for Porous Materials

FARAZSIL NFS 290 | Hydrophobic and Water Repellent Impregnation for Porous Materials

Silane/Siloxane hydrophobic Treatment
Water Repellent Surface impregnation
Long Lasting and Strong Protection Against Moisture

FARAZSIL® NFS 290 is based on a mixture of silane and siloxane. It is ready to use. FARAZSIL® NFS 290 is a high-quality and general-purpose water repellent water proofing solution for impregnating various substrates such as brick, concrete, natural and artificial stone, highly alkaline substrates, and in general the most frequent materials used in construction industry.
FARAZSIL NFS 290 | Hydrophobic and Water Repellent Impregnation for Porous Materials


10-Year Guarantee

Bead Effect

Floor, Facade, Roof

Water Repellent Surface 

Features and Benefits

Application Area

• Strong reduction in water uptake
• Excellent water repellency and consequently:
Salt barrier (e.g. road salt and sea water)– chlorides dissolved in water are blocked
No corrosion – the reinforcing steel does not rust since no moisture reaches it
No frost damage – greater resistance to freeze/thaw cycles
• FARAZSIL® NFS 290 provides a comprehensive and long-lasting protection of construction materials against water intrusion, efflorescence and destruction by water-soluble pollutants as well as against frost damage and attack of micro-organisms.
• Excellent depth of penetration
Due to its high penetration ability, FARAZSIL® NFS 290 can impregnate the substrate in depth and create a protective barrier against rain for a long time.
• FARAZSIL® NFS 290 does not create a membrane or alter the appearance of the surface; it does not shine, but allows the structural member to breathe.
• The FARAZSIL® NFS 290 impregnated surface remains clean because the rainwater does not penetrate the pores, but is repelled, carrying away any stuck dust.
• Does not influence water-vapor permeability
• It minimizes the appearance of salts and damages caused by frost that is frequent in wetted surfaces.
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Resistance to UV radiation
• Does not render shiny, tacky, or yellowish surfaces.
FARAZSIL® NFS 290 is suitable for imparting water repellency to absorbent, porous, mineral building materials. E.g.:
• All kinds of concrete
• Mineral plasters
• Cement Fibreboards
• Sand lime brickwork
• Brickwork
• Aerated concrete
• Mineral-based natural and artificial stone
• Mineral Paints

Typical Product Data Property



Deposition method of this coating on various surfaces is by using a sprayer or a brush. The coating method of this product is quite simple, easy, economical and practical.
Before coating, any contaminants, like grease and dust, must be cleaned off the surface.
Old and flaky paint (if there is) must be removed from the surface through sanding before coating the surface.
Stir the bucket or drum before using.

FARAZSIL® NFS 290 is ready to use. Apply several coats, wet on wet, until the substrate is saturated. Generally, at least two applications will suffice for all substrates.

One-year shelf life when stored in cool and dry place in closed containers at a temperature of 5-35 °C. Since FARAZSIL® NFS 290 reacts with humidity; prolonged contact with air must be avoided. The containers must be hermetically sealed.

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