Innovation and quality are the pillars of our expertise

Innovation is in our blood

Nano Faraz Sepahan holds several patents, manufactures numerous products, and introduces a number of improvements and innovations each year.
We use chemicals with advanced technology and nano technology. The market's finest protection against water and oil as well as dirt and contamination resistance is provided by these compounds.

Our products have been tested and approved

Our products show daily performance, its efficiency has been proven by a number of studies. Our product properties such as waterproof, anti-stain, anti-graffiti and cleaners have been tested by the most reliable standard institutes.
Our factory is ISO 9001 certified, which ensures excellent quality control. The effective quality management system guarantees a high quality of products to consumers. Our laboratory is also equipped with the most efficient measuring and control tools. Studies conducted by external laboratories complement all internal tests conducted for each of our products.

We develop specialized solutions suitable for our customers

Today, a successful company is the result of sufficient focus on the customer and the ability to adapt to the market. At Nano Faraz Sepahan, we work closely with our customers to develop products that best meet their requests.
Depending on the needs of the customer, we offer our expertise in several areas: custom product development, project-specific laboratory tests or on-site technical support.
For our industrial customers we can also adapt our products for direct use in the production line.