EC-211 | Hydrophobic and Easy to Clean Nano Coating for Glass Surfaces
EC-211 | Hydrophobic and Easy to Clean Nano Coating for Glass Surfaces

EC-211 | Hydrophobic and Easy to Clean Nano Coating for Glass Surfaces

Easy to clean and improved hydrophobicity on top surface of glassy substrates due to the presence of nanoparticles

Glass may appear to have a smooth surface but in fact possesses a microscopically pitted surface prone to the attraction and imbedding of dirt, grime, dust, bacteria and other deposits.
EC-211 is an easy to clean and alcohol-based protective coating, containing silane-based nanoparticles for application on glass surfaces and other smooth surfaces such as metals and ceramics.
EC-211 | Hydrophobic and Easy to Clean Nano Coating for Glass Surfaces


10-Year Guarantee

Bead Effect

Glass doors, Facade, Car Windows

Hydrophobic/ Easy to clean Nano-coating for Glass Surfaces

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Untreated glass surfaces will invariably deteriorate over time as dirt and other deposits get lodged into the surface. The glass becomes more and more dirty, opaque and harder to clean. Glass absorbs contaminations quickly. A few drops of rain and the slightest contact with an infected hand are sufficient to contaminate the glass surface. This may be not very important for the window glass of a multi-storey residential house, but it is a significant problem for tall buildings. There are always dust, rain, air pollution and many other items that cause erosion and contamination of glass facades. EC-211 nano-solution provides waterproof and durable surfaces which are resistant to corrosion, erosion and friction.
The  EC-211 glass coating, which is placed as a thin layer on the top surface of glass, creates roughness in the micro and nano scales, reducing the interfacial adhesion between the glass surface and water droplets. In other words, self- cleaning property is created for the glass by increasing the hydrophobic effect.

• Water repellent
• Creates visibility on wet surfaces
• Clear colorless liquid
• Contains alcohol for a durable coating
• Chemical resistant
• Abrasion resistant
• UV-Stable
• Drastically reduces cleaning frequencies

EC-211 is a transparent shield that can be applied on all glass surfaces, giving them a hard and durable water repellent and self-cleaning feature. The invisible coating helps to prevent water marks, dirt, algae and bird fouling from adhering to glass.
A combination of micro- and nanoscopic architecture, which minimize the adhesion of water to the surface, let dirt particles be removed by water droplets. This form of glass works in a similar way to "Teflon" on a frying pan. It produces a non-stick surface. Therefore, water droplets will roll off the surface quickly and do not streak.
EC-211 is also incredibly durable and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. The glass coating protects external windows, commercial facades, rooftops, pool surrounds and balconies.
EC-211 eliminates the need to use harsh chemical cleaners on the glass. This Eco-friendly property saves thousands of gallons of chemical waste polluting our water and earth.
EC-211 is in use every day by industry professionals, window cleaners, glass installers, shower installers and the private household user.

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How to apply the self-cleaning glass coating EC-211?
First, clean and dry the surface completely. Shake the solution container well . Then, spray a low amount of solution on the surface. Note that after spraying, the hydrophobic glass solution must be immediately dispersed on the surface using a clean and dry cloth or sponge. If there is a delay in the solution dispersion, white stains may be formed. In that case, the coating has not been applied properly. One liter of EC-211 solution covers more than 25 square meters of the glass or other smooth surfaces. Since the solvent of this product is alcohol, streak spots may be formed on the glass surface after application. In this case, clean the surface using a slightly damp cloth after 1 to 24 hours. This time is required for coating stability. Avoid applying the nanocoating on the surface in cold weather (below 20 °C).

The solution container must be stored at a temperature of 10 to 30 °C.
Since the solvent of this solution is alcohol, avoid keeping open the solution container.

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