EC-311 | Waterproofing and Impregnating Nano Coating for Wood and MDF Protection
EC-311 | Waterproofing and Impregnating Nano Coating for Wood and MDF Protection

EC-311 | Waterproofing and Impregnating Nano Coating for Wood and MDF Protection

Wood Protector, Water Repellent and Anti-swelling Nanocoating
Innovative Impregnating Coating for the Water Repellent Protection of Interior and Exterior Wood
Invisible Protection, Waterproofing, Sealing, Easy Cleaning of Wood, MDF and Particle Board Surfaces
Strong Protection Against Moisture
EC-311 | Waterproofing and Impregnating Nano Coating for Wood and MDF Protection


10-Year Guarantee

Bead Effect

Floor, Facade, Roof

Wood Protector

Product Description

Features and Benefits

EC-311 is an advanced nano coating solution that can be applied on wood, MDF and particleboard surfaces through the simple spray coating process. Thanks to its latest hydrophobic coating technology, EC-311 protects wooden and wood-based surfaces from decay and air pollution by preventing water penetration into wood surfaces that improves properties and also lifetime of wood. In addition, EC-311 provides easy cleaning, stain removing, and improved quality of indoor and outdoor surfaces of buildings. This coating also prevents the flaking and swelling of wood surfaces in the humid places such as bathrooms, kitchens and saunas. This coating is resistant to sunlight, yellowing, opacity and cracking.
• Strong reduction in water uptake
• Excellent water repellent
• Breathable and water vapour permeable
• Preserves wood by repelling water to reduce swelling
• For all wood types, thermo wood, MDF and particleboard surfaces
• Prevent water damages
• penetrates deep into the wood for BEST reducing water uptake
• Enhance wood durability against weathering and aging
• Prevent cracking, decay and erosion of wood
• Anti-bacterial, -fungal, -algae and –moss
• Suitable for the interior and exterior
• Retains natural breathability
• Non film forming, invisible
• Easy to apply
• Resistance to UV light
• Surfaces not rendered shiny or tacky, or caused to yellow

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Surface preparation: Before coating, the surface must be cleaned and dried. Old and flaky paint (if there is) must be removed from the surface through sanding. Before use, shake the solution container well.
Deposition method of this coating on various surfaces is by spraying or brushing. The coating method of this product is quite simple, easy, economical and practical.
EC-311 is ready to use. Apply several coats, wet on wet, until the substrate is saturated. Generally, for optimal results, surfaces should be sprayed at least twice (wet-to-wet), depending on the absorbency of the surface you wish to protect. The process may need to be repeated.

After coating with EC-311, the surface takes 72 hours (at 20ºC) to be fully cured. The time required for curing may vary depending on ambient temperature.

Industrial Application:
For economic use, you can use HVLP spray gun.

2-year shelf life when stored in cool and dry place in closed containers at a temperature of 5-35 °C. Avoid solution contact with alkali, water and high humidity. The containers must be hermetically sealed.

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