Once upon a time, Nano Faraz Sepahan

Since 2012, Nano Faraz Sepahan has been supporting clients, private or professional, relying on the technical knowledge of its specialists. In the last 10 years, Nano Faraz Sepahan has been evolving to adapt its products and services to new market demands. From the college friends business to international company, here are the key dates in our history.

The Research

The beginning of research and feasibility for the production of nano coatings

The Origin

Creation of the company and marketing of nanocoating products for brick and concrete

The Development

Invention of the water and oil-repellent, anti-stain and anti-graffiti coating for the treatment of mineral surfaces

Launch of NFS-2028 IMP

Starting the production of a new range of products focusing on penetration in construction materials

Nanotechnology Certificates

Acquiring nanoscale certificates for all protection nanocoatings

Launch of  EC-211 and NFS-290 SUPER 

Starting the production of a new range of hydrophobic products for metal, glass and nonporous surfaces

Launch of wood protector products

Starting the production of  wood protector, water repellent and anti-swelling nanocoatings for wood and MDF

The confirmation

Approval of the knowledge based production from scientific and technological vice president

A great step forward

 Patent and development of the impregnating coating for the water repellent protection of interior and exterior wood